What’s Up @ LLC?

What’s up at Lihue Lutheran!

Welcome to Lihue Lutheran’s homepage! We hope you’re well and having a great and wonderful day. May the Lord richly and abundantly bless and fill you from wherever you’re at and in whatever season you’re in.

The pandemic threw everyone for a loop, and we’re still experiencing the after-effects but we’re on the road to redevelopment and trying to figure out how to get everyone back to church while also trying to figure out what that looks like for everyone. We understand that the pandemic has affected a lot and shifted people’s schedules, routines, and even travel plans. 

Right now, we have one primary outreach ministry that provides sack lunches to underserved communities and keiki around island that attend after school programs. The Mobile Munchies ministry provides around 250+ sack lunches a week to various programs around island.

For our regular worship schedule, we meet at 9:00am HST and have only one service. 

This year has been a costly year, physically to our property. We have replaced the AC units in our office building ($15,000), tenting all properties for termites ($18,000), and roof repairs ($54,000). In addition, general giving has been down this past year. However, the focus of the church council is firmly rooted in faith and fixing our eyes on Jesus. As we said at our last church council meeting, “We need to seek first the Kingdom” and “continue to walk by faith.” The great thing about our church is that we show up for one another. As we say here, “It’s all for one and one for all.” So, we have faith that at the end of the year things will work out and people will step up and step in to help us continue the work of ministry, service, and sharing the love of Christ!

Our college young adult group is doing very well and has grown from about 2 members to around 17. The college young adult group is very open, and often times invites “honorary” young adults, anyone who wants to come spend time with the group for food, fun, and fellowship. This is a really special group and the Holy Spirit is moving among these young adults in power and transformative ways that has produced a strong sense of community, fellowship, and faith.

We invite you, whoever you are, to be a part of God’s work here at Lihue Lutheran. You can do this by joining a ministry program, joining us for worship, or, if you live off-island, joining us on Sunday’s for worship via Facebook live. God is up to something here, and we are really excited to continue to see God’s work unfold and we invite you to not just be a part but play a part!

Grace and aloha, Lihue Lutheran Church

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