Song of the Week

Aloha Ohana. If you’re looking to grow in your worship this week, check out the song, “Come As You Are” by David Crowder. The strength of this song is found in one of the opening stanzas, “Earth has no sorrow that Heaven can’t heal.” This song will be particularly powerful and effective for those who are struggling, for those who are hurting, and for those who are going through a difficult time right now; especially those who struggle to simply come to God to ask or receive what they need. This song stands as a reminder that there is hope for the hopeless, and all who have strayed. You can come and taste the grace that God has for you. There is no sorrow, there is no shame that God can’t cure. In this song, we can bring all that we have been carrying and simply lay it down for a truly phenomenal exchange. In and through this song, we can give God the worst of what we’re holding to receive the best of what He has! Come as you are and receive God’s incredibly grace and love!

Come as Your Are – David Crowder