Reopening Church Services

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To our Ohana,

On behalf of the worship planning committee, in collaboration with the church council, we would like to announce that we have formally developed a comprehensive plan, with protocols, to reconvene worship on June 14, 2020.

We will host (1) worship service at 9:00am and we will host worship via Facebook Live. This will give you 5-options to participate in worship in a way that is most meaningful and comfortable to you.

    1. Facebook Live@9:00am

    2. Worship in the chapel (we ask that you arrive 15-minutes early to be greeted and seated by our ushers who have been specifically trained with CDC and local government guidelines for worship)

    3. Worship in the fellowship center

    4. Worship on the lawn – BYOC (bring your own chair)

    5. Worship in the parking lot from the comforts of your own car

In preparation for worship, the worship planning committee requests that you practice self-accountability. This means that you first, worship in a way that feels most comfortable and appropriate for you. This can include staying home and joining us via Facebook Live. Just because we are reconvening does not mean you have to be “here.” We encourage you to practice self-accountability and join us in the space that feels most comfortable to you. Second, this means that if you are sick, feeling ill, have traveled within 14-days, or are hosting someone who has traveled within 14-days, that you attend worship via Facebook Live. We understand that the governor has lifted the 14-day interisland self-quarantine but our leadership team here believes it is in our best interest to support a 14-day self-quarantine for anyone who has traveled or is hosting someone, like a guest or family member, who has traveled. We request that you do not come to church within 14-days of either traveling (off island or inter-island) or hosting a traveler.

In addition, we ask that you:

    1. Arrive 15-20 minutes early so that everyone can be greeted and seated in a timely fashion,

    2. Bring your own water bottle, or water container,

    3. Use the restroom before you arrive – to limit and reduce exposure and contact,

    4.  Bring and wear appropriate facial coverings,

    5.  Practice social distancing (at least 6-feet),

    6. Allow the ushers to greet and seat you in a designated location,

    7. Let your usher know how many people are in your group so you may sit together,

    8. Raise your hand if you need hand sanitizer or other sanitary supplies – and all other needs,

    9. Wait to be escorted out of the worship space by your usher,

We ask that you RSVP for the June 14 worship service so our worship planning committee can ensure the necessary and required accommodations are in place for the safety and comfort of everyone. RSVP’s may be made directly to Noreen Javinar @ or via phone (808) 635-3550. Please indicate 1) your name, 2) how many individuals will be sitting with you, 3) if you require any special accessibility assistance, 4) which location you intend to worship from:

a) The church
b) The fellowship center
c) The lawn
d) The parking lot in your car

If do not feel comfortable wearing appropriate facial coverings, practicing social distancing, and abiding by the protocols we have set in place for the safety and comfort of all, we ask that you stay home and worship with us via Facebook Live. Should there be an issue we are prepared to offer the level of care that is required to ensure the safety of all. That being said, if, for medical reasons, you are unable to wear a facial covering, you may worship with us via Facebook Live, from the lawn on the church premises, or from your car in the parking lot. We ask that all individuals practice self- accountability and work together with us to take the necessary steps that will ensure the safety and comfort of all.

For those who may attend and not wear a facial covering, please practice self-accountability and be mindful and aware that others may not feel comfortable socially interacting with you. Be considerate and practice social distancing; and consider only engaging those who approach you.

If you would like to meet the pastor on campus, he will be in a designated area. Please wait for your usher to escort you from your seat to the exit. A walk through will be hosted via Facebook Live on Saturday, June 13 around 1-2pm. We will walk through the expectations and procedures for worship. For those who are unable to watch the live video or recording, please review the “Helpful guide to worship” in the pages below.

On behalf of the worship planning committee and the church council, we thank everyone for your patience in this time. This has not been an easy process, and has required a great deal of planning, organization, prayer, and collaboration. Please bear with us and operate out of a “grace-first” approach to any difficulties that may arise.

Mahalo in advance and we look forward to seeing you on campus or via Facebook Live.

May the Lord bless you,

Pr. JP Paxton