Pastor Cindy Arndt

“I know through personal experience as well as congregational experience the deep longing to know that God is near and with us in the presence of our Lord and Savior in ALL of life’s journeys. I have met many and diverse people in my journey and I thank god for such an awesome variety of background and cultures. I come to you baring that belief and thanks in deepest humility.” – Pastor Cindy Arndt

Born in small city La Crosse, Wisconsin, on the banks of the Mississippi River, Pastor Cindy Arndt, or Pastor C as the kids like to refer to her as, was called to serve as the pastor for Lihue Lutheran Church in the Fall of 2016.

Hired as the Christian Education Director at the First Congregational Church UCC, Pastor Cindy served over 200 Sunday School children where she wrote Sunday School curriculum and special children’s worship services. As she got more active in the church, she found herself preaching and leading worship, serving on council and call committees and teaching confirmation. It was during these years that Pastor Cindy was called by God to the ordained ministry.

After having her three children, she entered into seminary, and it was during her third year at United Theological Seminary that she heard the news that her father was diagnosed with brain cancer. Wanting to be near her father during his illness, she was placed as a chaplain intern at the United Campus Ministry at the University in La Crosse. During that internship, she met a Presbyterian minister who asked her to fill in for him at his church while on vacation. He, as well as this congregation was very supportive of her journey into Ordained Ministry and she will always be grateful for their support.

After her father had passed away, Pastor Cindy felt a strong desire to come back to her Lutheran roots, and started at Wartburg Seminary in Dubuque Iowa and did a second Lutheran internship at Our Saviors and Skogdallen Churches ELCA in Wesby, Wisconsin. Ordained on November 2, 1997, Pastor Cindy received her first call to Trinity Lutheran in Sparta, Wisconsin as an Associate Pastor. In 1999, Pastor Cindy was called to serve Ossian and Stavanger Lutheran Churches in Iowa.

She met her husband Larry through a blind date set up by her Senior Pastor and his wife while serving at Trinity Lutheran. Larry and Cindy have been married since 1998 and together  they have a blended family that includes 6 adult children and 13 grandchildren.