Hymn of the Week

Aloha Ohana, if you’re looking to grow in worship this week, check out our hymn of the week, “Just As I Am I Come Broken To Be Mended” by Travis Cottrell. This is a great song to lead us to the Gospel lesson this Sunday. The lesson text is in Mark 10:46-52, with the healing of Bartimaeus. Beginning first, in this song, we are reminded of our state: we are broken. And this is the only position we come to God. We do not come to God, whole, healed, filled, or fulfilled. We come to God empty, open-handed, in need, and often times broken and hurting. This is to the glory of God because a primary work of God is responding to suffering of the world and the inhabitants in it. Thus, like the Lord says to Bartimaeus, “What do you want me to do for you?” We have an opportunity in and through this song to ask, say, or tell God what we need from Him today. So, come to God and let God mend whatever brokenness you might be facing!

Just As I Am I Come Broken To Be Mended by Travis Cottrell.