Hymn of the Week

Aloha Ohana, if you’re looking to grow in worship this week, check out our hymn of the week, “Just As I Am” by Travis Cottrell. In this modern hymn, we are met with the gift of grace to simply come as we are. What is beautiful about this hymn is how counter-cultural it is. In almost zero places in society can we come who and how we truly are? Think about it. Isn’t most of life about conformity to social and societal expectations of who you should and ought to be? Most of life is about training ourselves to excel in some area. Here, our worth is associated or tied to our work. Not so with God. This hymn reminds us of that. We get to come exactly as we are and it is the incredible grace of God that receives us just as we are and then the most miraculous thing happens: grace changes us. If you’re tired from all the work of life, constantly trying to measure up to a difficult or seemingly impossible standard, then come to this place, exactly as you are. Receive God’s grace, just as you are, and then watch God’s grace do a miracle in your life.

Just As I Am – Travis Cottrell