Thursday Bible Study

The BOBS (Band of Brothers and Sisters) meet Thursday night from 5:00-6:30pm in a hybrid format. Currently we are in the book of the Twelve (the minor prophets). The Bible Study looks integrates biblical studies with theological reflection in a conversationally-focused group. We spend most of our time considering what is going on in the text and how the text relates to and/or speaks to our current context. This group is inspired by Luther’s table talks. For Luther, a table talk were a time to gather at the table and talk theology, reflect, and consider life through a lens of faith. Table talks were conversationally driven but theologically focused (theo – God, ology – study of). Essentially, table talks were a time for people to develop the foundations of their beliefs in God by talking about them. So, while we hold a commitment to the text, our priority is first being in fellowship with one another and second, prioritizing the discussion of and reflection on our faith as it relates to what book we are studying, what is going on in our lives/context, and what we think about all of this.

For the table talks, we will provide CDC guideline-prepared pupus, since we meet at the dinner hour, and it is BYOB – bring your own beverage.

The schedule is listed below. For those who wish to join in a hybrid format and need a zoom link please email Pastor JP ( to receive the Zoom link.

  • 11.5 – Haggai
  • 11.12 – Zechariah
  • 11.19 – Malachi